Some of the products we sell are LEGO compatible minifigures and these are NOT genuine LEGO products. We are not affiliated with LEGO in any way. Each product description clearly states if the product genuine LEGO or not. We do not intend to trick our customers into believing all our products are authentic LEGO.

Minifig Bin is in no way representing or associated with anyone or their copyrighted products. It is not our intention to harm the name of these designers and their products, or to infringe upon registered trademarks.

By purchasing these replica parts the buyer agrees not to sell or represent them as genuine LEGO products. We take no responsibility for the false portrayal of our merchandise as the authentic. We assume no civil or criminal liability for the actions of our customers.

Any purchase made by you indicates that you have agreed with this disclaimer and are aware and informed if you are purchasing a replica or custom products and not the official brand or registered trademarks.